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Language Supervision Department

The Language Supervision Department is a specialized structural subdivision of the Language Committee. The Department is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the RA Law “On Language”, other laws regulating the use of the Armenian language, the orders of the Chairperson of the Language Committee, the charters of the Language Committee and the Department as well as other legal acts.

The Language Supervision Department ensures the fulfillment of the requirements of the RA Law “On Language”, carries out linguistic expertise and endorses language promotion, monitors the fulfillment of the requirement that the language of the cultural, informational, informational-analytical, social-political, popular, educational and sports programs of TV and radio companies, as well as other mass media adhere to literary Armenian standards. To ensure the comprehensive use of literary Armenian, the Department organizes admonitions and synopses on the language of officials, press, and films, as well as cultural, informational, informational-analytical, social-political, popular, educational, and sports programs on television and radio. It supports the creation and publication of dictionaries, directories, and manuals that regulate the Armenian language.

You can check out the charter of the Language Control Department here.