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Administrative Offenses Department

The Administrative Offenses Department is a specialized structural subdivision of the Language Committee. The Department is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, the RA Law “On Language”, the RA Administrative Offenses Code, the RA Law “On the Organization and Conduct of Inspections in the Republic of Armenia”, other laws regulating the use of the Armenian language, the orders of the Chairperson of the Language Committee, the Charters of the Language Committee and the Offenses Department, as well as other legal acts.

The Department of Administrative Offenses monitors the fulfillment of the requirements of the RA Law “On Language”, upholds the enforcement of measures of liability in case of violations of language legislation in accordance with the law and ensures the implementation of the state language policy by the state administration and local self-government bodies.

According to the Code of the Republic of Armenia on Administrative Offenses, the Department prepares and submits data on violations of language legislation to the court to enforce measures of liability, files petitions and complaints to the Courts of Appeal and Cassation, develops other procedural documents, draws up drafts of legal acts in the field of language, and ensures the execution of judicial acts concerning cases of the Language Committee.

You can check out the charter of the Administrative Offenses Department here.